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    Lecturer : Umi Rokhyati
    English Department

    This course is conducted in 14 meetings, 100 minutes each. The goals are : the students will be able to assess students using both test and non-test method. At the end of the course the students should be able to write a test and non-test assessment and to score it.
  • mata kuliah ini akan membahas kajian sosiolinguistik
  • This course provides the students with theories and practices on English word formation through affixation and compounding processes.
  • This course is aimed at providing students with awareness, knowledge, insights, experiences and understanding on how children acquire and learn languages as described by experts
  • This course is meant to help students learn and practice how to pronounce English utterance well.
  • Mata kuliah ini membahas tentang 'Ilm al-Lughah al-'Am

  • Mata kuliah ini akan memberikan informasi dan pengalaman kepada mahasiswa hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan pragmatik dan pembelajaran bahasa.